Our holistic and agile approach to Cybersecurity evolves alongside the ever-changing landscape to continually protect your critical data.

Our Cybersecurity services

After extensive research and collaboration with leading international Cybersecurity vendors, our security team created a range of solutions based on global best practices for small, medium and enterprise organisations. Our comprehensive experience with real-world Cybersecurity incidents has also helped shape each one of our service offerings.
These security services provide an end-to-end holistic solution that protects your critical data through our multi-layered approach. This unique approach is tailored to align with your own unique business strategy and mission.

Why we offer Cybersecurity services

InnoKAT has been keeping Australian SME’s secure since 2004. Our innovative solutions enable our customers to operate securely, monitoring critical systems to ensure their data is protected.

Today, businesses are digitally connected to more devices than ever before. Meanwhile, the internet has grown significantly faster and has become a critical part of global business infrastructure. We have also seen the proliferation of cyber threats at an incredible rate to the point where they are now a common reality for all organisations.

or this reason, InnoKAT continues to evolve and develop Cybersecurity solutions to protect our clients from these ever-changing, advanced and emerging threats.

or this reason, InnoKAT continues to evolve and develop Cybersecurity solutions to protect our clients from these ever-changing, advanced and emerging threats.

  • Operational security
    Business governance is critical when it comes to your Cybersecurity strategy. In our fast-paced technological landscape, it’s not uncommon for an organisation’s processes and procedures to be left behind, leaving you exposed to threats. Our Operational Security offering (OpSec) investigates your organisation’s governance strategy and how it aligns with Cybersecurity best practice.
  • User education awareness
    As we progress through the digital age, your front-line workers are exposed to more threats than ever before. We need to equip them with the capabilities to combat these attacks. This is why our user and education awareness (EduSec) strategy focuses on uplifting user awareness, so staff receive guidance and education to empower them to identify a threat and take appropriate action.
  • Network security
    Often it’s the vulnerabilities we can’t see that take the longest time to discover and create the most damage. It is not unusual for hackers to have access to systems for months before being found, and by then it’s usually too late. Our Network Security offering (NetSec) uses specialised infrastructure configured to your organisation’s network to protect, detect and respond to threats.
  • Application & operating system security
    Cybercriminals focus on vulnerabilities found in applications. The challenge businesses have is that applications on devices are hard to manage with software installations often leaving holes in your network, opening your organisation up to security risks. Our Application Security offering (AppSec) protects your critical data by securing the applications your business requires to function.
  • Information security
    Your organisation possesses a lot of data, and it’s likely that you have limited visibility over who has access to it. Our Information Security offering (InfoSec) focuses on confidentiality, integrity and availability. We follow a process of identifying your critical data, analysing the threats, accessing the risk and applying preventative measures to ensure you have complete control over who sees what.
  • Data recovery & data continuity
    In the event of a disaster, how long would it take for business to resume as normal, and how much would it cost you? InnoKAT’s Data Recovery and Data Continuity solutions (DR/DC) protect your critical data and allow your business to continue to operate during a catastrophic incident.

Our Managed Services options

Identity & Access Security Assessment (IASA)

An Identity and Access Security Assessment (IASA) provides you with a comprehensive review of your Active Directory domain infrastructure, which is the core component of most corporate Windows networks.

The assessment will review your company network shares against Microsoft Information Security and Risk Management (ISRM) standards to determine if they are set up correctly, comply with best practice and, most importantly, give you visibility of who has access to your information.
The IASA will also include a review of your business Access Controls, including the management of your electronic and digital identities.

Your Cybersecurity service experience at a glance

We are always looking to help your business grow creating clarity in a complex world. Our Cybersecurity experience focuses on protection and securing the future without hindering user experience.

Cybersecurity Vulnerability Assessment (CVA)

A Vulnerability Assessment is a process of identifying, quantifying and prioritising the vulnerabilities in a system that could give a hacker or an unauthorised user access to your sensitive information.

By conducting this assessment, you can see what aspects of your business systems need to be addressed in order to mitigate risk and maintain a safe and secure technical environment.

The benefits of our Cybersecurity services?

  • Clarity
  • Local support
  • Future safeguarding
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Collaborative strategyanaged