Our solutions incorporate the best available communications technology to provide a reliable and unwavering service for your business.

Video, Voice & Data Communications

Modern businesses need to stay connected and collaborate in a fast and secure way. InnoKAT has worked with world leading vendors to design a range of services that help you and your business achieve just that. We keep you connected.

Our Australian-based team focuses on your business goals and vision, giving you access to the latest technology, enabling you to concentrate on delivering the best service possible to your customers.

Our solutions are grounded in the fastest internet, telephony, video conferencing, voicemail and email services available, affording your staff instant collaboration capabilities and the best possible user and workplace experience.

Our video, voice & data options

Business communication plays a critical role in how your organisation connects with employees and customers. Whether by voice or data, your communication tools should empower your organisation and place it ahead of the pack.

InnoKAT gives you access to some of the most secure and robust solutions available, helping you modernise your teamwork and deliver a superior customer experience.

  • Voice

    We work with world leading vendors to facilitate, design and create state-of-the-art simplicity for the modern worker. The voice solutions we provide are quick to deploy and simple to use, so you can focus on serving your clients from anywhere.

    • Hosted PBX

      This solution delivers full-featured access to your phone system with both physical and virtual phone experience. Our world leading vendors work with your business to discover what features your business will benefit most from, implementing them with little interruption to your business.

    • Microsoft Teams

      For those using Microsoft Teams, we offer integration between Microsoft Teams and our PBX system. This integration means that your end-user can make and receive internal and external calls, transfer calls, and mute or unmute calls from anywhere with available Internet access.

  • Video collaboration

    The modern workplace today requires visual communication to achieve full efficiency. InnoKAT gives you access to video conferencing solutions that transform your meeting room experience by delivering an interactive environment in which your users can collaborate.

  • Data and internet links

    These days your employees do everything online, including communicating with your customers and collaborating with their co-workers. We’ll set you up with fast and secure internet and network links that will boost your overall business’ operations and productivity.

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