Job Description:
Position Summary:

The main function of this role is to monitor and report over all commercial operations in order to support pre-sales and post-sales commercial operations.

Strong consultancy skills are a must for this position along with the ability to develop low level repeatable services methodologies.


Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

· Monitor over all Business Cycle of Corporate Business

· All Management Reports


· Monthly Revenue Analysis Report

· Meeting Business Plan targets in terms of EBIDTA , Margins etc.

· Costing, Budgeting, of new opportunities in order to keep the project profitable

· Post-Sale Budget monitoring to keep the project profitable

· Interface with Procurement, Logistics and Finance for the execution of Purchase Orders, Contracts and Payment of Vendors

· Interface with Legal Department for contract validation before sending it to customer

· Contract Negotiations with Customer where required

· Interface with Sales for enforcing Standard Commercial Terms

· Commercial Bid Management and assist Sales to handle Tenders from commercial point of view

· Proposal Validation in terms of Taxes, Commercial Terms etc.

· Monitoring Project Management Team to ensure that revenues are booked according to projected time lines

· Generate, validate Budget Sheet before submission of proposal

· Challenging Sales team to validate the opportunity commercially

· Negotiations with Vendor Knowledge


Financial Acumen (autonomous level required)

· Very good understanding of major components of financial management

· Proactively seeks advice and learns about issues regarding finance and accounting and their impact on results


Contract Management (autonomous level required)

· Very good understanding of legal implications and of the structure of contract with Client.


Project Management & Planning (skilled level required)

· Ability to effectively organize and plan activity

· Ability to manage client’s requirements and scope

· Ability to manage risk



For each area of knowledge and skills, we have articulated the level of proficiency required within each role. Definitions of the levels are included here:



Demonstrates basic knowledge and ability and, with guidance, applies the competency in common situations that present limited difficulties



Demonstrates solid knowledge and ability, and can apply the competency with minimal or no guidance in the full range of typical situations. Would require guidance to handle novel or more complex situations.



Demonstrates advanced knowledge and ability, and can apply the competency in new or complex situations. Guides/mentors other professionals.



Demonstrates expert knowledge and ability, and can apply the competency in the most complex situations. Develops new approaches, methods or policies in this area. Is recognized as an expert, internally and/or externally. Leads the guidance of other professionals.



· Focus on Results

· Business Driven

· Teamwork/Effectiveness

· 4 plus years in Finance, Commercial Operations


Communications Skills; Verbal and written

Strong Negotiations Skills


Required Skills:

· MS Office Tools (Word, Excel, Project, PowerPoint, Visio), particularly MS Excel and Power point

· Ability to effectively manage time, prioritize work, multi-task across many assignments and delegate

· Ability to assess the impact of new product requirements

· Documentation skills producing clear and unambiguous deliverables

· All skills relative to a sales related role in the past


Required Skills:
Planning Budgeting & Forecasting, ACCA, Business Cycle,


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