Mobile Certification and Automation Services

More enterprises are embracing Mobility as their next generation business enabler globally. Mobile applications have evolved over the years from information portals/apps to the source of primary business in all domains like banking, Insurance, retail, manufacturing telecom, health care and so on. The pervasiveness of Mobility has led to rapid proliferation of device form factors and platforms, leading to compliance and compatibility issues. Thus, mobile application testing and certification is fast becoming a critical function as vendors and organizations search for solutions to reduce cycle time, costs and effort.


Our approach for mobility certification is based on early and unattended testing which has a strong focus on automation and non-functional testing. Innokat’s certification approach ensures end-to-end testing by leveraging a set of freeware and commercial tools. Our Mobile Certification and Automation Service, which reduces time and resources required in testing, helps ensure:

  • End-to-end testing which includes mobile application and back end services
  • Functionality on leading devices and operating system versions
  • Application compliance, increasing device and operating system coverage
  • Applications work in different real world scenarios
  • Applications provide unique user experience

Our Mobile Certification and Automation Service comprises:

  • Functional Testing – Proliferation of device form factors and platforms is a major challenge for any mobility testing program. Our Mobility Testing experience and SMART framework based testing strategy guarantees quality products by ensuring application functionality in all leading devices and popular operating systems. Our in-depth expertise in telecom network and Mobility allows for extensive exploratory testing so that end users do not face any app glitches.
  • Automation Services – Our strong experience in Mobility Testing Automation and partnerships with leading automation tool vendors (commercial & open sources tools) ensures scalable and flexible Mobility automation solutions. Our “Any Platform, Any Tool, Any Application,” automation approach provides platform and tool agnostic automation solutions. Our early & in-sprint automation approach leveraging keyword-driven automation framework and reusable components ensures faster testing and cost efficiency.
  • Deployment Readiness Testing – Mobile applications are intended to support different mobile networks and mobile back end services over wide range of network conditions. Our dedicated focus on Performance Testing ensures you experience optimal performance of mobile applications under various network conditions and overall system environments
  • Usability Testing – Our User Experience and Mobility Testing Team ensures that mobile applications adhere to the application store guidelines and guarantee user friendliness.