Supply Chain Resilience

In the recent past, many manufacturing industry leaders took several months to fully recover from natural disruptions, such as the Japan Tsunami and the Thailand floods. Despite this most companies have not systematically identified their supply chain risks, dependencies on key systems and are far from putting a dollar value to these risks. This lack of a practical approach that factors the complexities of their operating environment into managing disruptions can have significant implications on the ability of an organization to deal with the unexpected.

Innokat’s SCM practice has developed a systematic approach and solution to assess, identify and manage supply chain disruptions.


Innokat’s integrated Supply Chain Resilience solution links suppliers, plants, warehouses with planning systems, inventory, and product bill of materials via a geographical information system. The solution provides management with an accurate picture of anticipated demand from the affected sites, current supply levels and potential gaps by clicking the impacted zone on a global map. This leads to building a risk intelligent framework using:

  • Workflow integration
  • Real-Time Data
  • Standardization of incident management processes
  • Effective executive reporting


With our Supply Chain Resilience Solution you can expect to quickly assess the risk and examine options to mitigate those risk in the evolving risk landscape of an interconnected world through:

  • Ability to visually assess and simulate the supply risk at the different tiers in the supply chain
  • Proactively establish measures to remain at or quickly return to the desired operating state to minimize the impact of disruptions.
  • Ability to simulate the impacts and alternative options to deal with the potential risks.
  • Improve the ability to operate in uncertain economic condition.