Retrain, Engage and Retain Human Capital

Organizations need to continuously re-skill and re-assign human capital based on business needs. Central to the success of this effort is the ability to match job opportunities with people availability. The ideal solution needs to do two things: one, leverage the historical skill and competencies of people and match them with the needs of an open position; and two, map open positions to employees, allowing employees to identify positions that fit them. The solutions should also be able to rank the matches for speedy decisions.

Innokat’s solution helps achieve all of this using a comprehensive capability framework on top of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled platform thus improving accuracy and speed.


Innokat’s scalable solution to Retrain, Engage and Retain Human Capital offers the following key features:

  • Human Capital Consulting to assess current skills, proficiencies, future skills and critical skill gaps
  • IP-based development and deployment of solution
  • An AI-based solution to provide a bi-directional match between open positions and employees. The solution incorporates a semantic search with suitable disambiguation routines that can be tuned.

Our Retrain, Engage and Retain Human Capital solution brings you the following benefit:

  • Streamlined skill taxonomy that establishes reliable skill linkages
  • One-to-many and many-to-one bi-directional match between job opportunity and individuals
  • Skill gap analysis that feeds into the organization’s human capital development plan
  • Integrated learning path for continuous up skilling
  • Retention of firm’s specific knowledge