Enterprise Performance Management

Managing performance across the enterprise was never as crucial as it is now. Enterprises often struggle with their traditional performance management systems that do not facilitate an integrated view to drive strategy and value.

We provide Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) through the implementation of an integrated technology with a goal to transform data into actionable information for better decision making. Innokat’s EPM solutions provide tools that leverage the data to plan, monitor, report, analyze, manage and improve corporate and business performance.


Innokat’s EPM solutions are enabled by a Global Business Services framework. This framework allows transitioning EPM into a:

  • Consistent information platforms that reduce the level of data gathering /offline reconciliation and extend financial information models to include other commercial data
  • Analytical tools that provide support on a range of subject areas including pricing, markets, customers, product analysis and can be extended or altered as requirements change
  • Integrated Planning better alignment from group down to finance unit planning, enhanced cross-functional integration of planning and budgeting; and realigning the role of planning, budgeting and forecasting cycles
  • Integrated Financial and Management Consolidation system on multiple GAAP and IFRS
  • Robust Cost modeling, profitability modeling, cost and chargeback process/system

Our solution helps create agile plans and take your corporate strategy to the next level. Benefits of the solution include:

  • Integrated, automated and low cost comprehensive solution suite
  • Elimination of reliance on spreadsheets and other end-user computing solutions
  • Single Source of Truth with standard data definitions
  • Toolset providing full scenario, sensitivity and what-if analyses
  • Allow key finance personnel to focus on decision support rather than administration