Business Resilience

New technologies, high-impact events such as tsunamis, terror attacks, regulatory changes, cyber-attacks and consumer activism are compelling factors for financial services organizations to improve their service resilience. A comprehensive Business Resilience solution identifies and prioritizes services from a customer and a regulatory perspective, simplifies processes and establishes controls essential to de-risk critical failures.


Innokat maps its Business Resilience Solution to your organization’s risk appetite and delivers optimal Resilience conditions for long term sustainability. We help you with:

  • Business and IT Processes
  • IT Systems and Technology
  • IT Infrastructure and Components
  • People Capability and Governance

Our solution creates an assessment of current Resilience levels, identifies gaps and vulnerabilities, determines optimal resilience conditions for your business, organizes a program and implements it. Central to all programs is the simplification of processes and the reduction of costs while improving the longevity of the business.

The industry-specific and structured approach of the solution goes beyond traditional disaster recovery methodologies and immediate Operational Resilience. It creates long-term benefits that include:

  • Business service capability aligned with risk appetite
  • Ability to meet industry’s regulatory demands
  • Reduction in customer facing disruptions and incidents due to proactive monitoring, alerts and remediation
  • Reduction in redundant and duplicated processes
  • Reduced cost as a result of process and IT simplification
  • End-to-end perspective of business services and alignment of IT services
  • Effective controls to mitigate systemic risks