Supply Chain Management

An organization’s supply chain is integrally linked to its successful growth, and with mounting pressure to deliver multiple, often conflicting objectives of cost optimization, flexibility, and excellent customer service, enterprises often struggle to manage all the inherent trade-offs and complexities. An integrated supply chain operations strategy is imperative for enterprises to manage these trade-offs.

Innokat’s experienced supply chain consultants help you meet your business goals through their deep experience and established methodologies to assess, define and implement enabling supply chain capabilities (people, process, and technology) to meet business objectives.


Our supply chain consultants work across the end-to-end supply chain including Plan, Source, Make, Deliver and Service. They bring specific industry experience as well as a cross-industry perspective to help seed innovation. Our supply chain services are designed to help you across the end-to-end supply chain and assist you meet the objective of producing the right product or service at the right time and the right cost.

These include helping you:

  • Align business and customer strategies for an effective supply chain that is ‘fit for purpose’ rather than ‘one size’ fits all
  • Manage the increasingly complex relationship of suppliers and customers for both physical goods, digital and services
  • Providing real-time supply chain visibility across customers and suppliers to optimize the end-to-end supply chain rather than individual components
  • Map their journey to ‘best-in-class’ across their SCM capabilities
  • Identifying sub-optimal business performance and prioritize improvements/activities
  • Define sourcing strategies for the enabling capabilities (in-house, external, combination)
  • Increase capacity and quality while reducing cycle times, cost, and risk

Our SCM service offering includes:

  • Procurement 360

Our Procurement 360 is a comprehensive solution that:

  • Is a complete, end-to-end, source to pay service designed to assess and help organization identify, prioritise and close performance gaps
  • Helps procurement directors and CPOs gain credibility with senior leadership
  • Increases the effectiveness of procurement
  • Delivers Tangible saving across 5-20% savings from sourcing programs
  • Reduces OPEX up to 7% through adoption of best-in class process and capabilities
  • Leverages best-in class tools and frameworks to help an organisation put in place the right enablers
  • Working Capital Optimisation through Demand Sensing (DSaaS)

We help global manufacturing organizations optimize global demand forecasting and working capital through the implementation of a demand sensing capability. Our experience has demonstrated that we are able to help customers

  • Improve accuracy of forecasting by 40% to 50%
  • Improve planning and supply chain operations
  • Achieve better order fulfillment
  • Lower inventory levels (3-5 days)
  • Lower working capital requirements
  • Ensure less stock rebalancing/order movement
  • Automate forecast adjustment based on orders
  • Ensure profitable growth despite volatile markets
  • Digital Supply Chain

Our Digital Supply Chain services help an organization on the path to create a truly Digital Supply Chain :

  • Senses information and provides a real time view of the extended enterprise
  • Provides collaborative platforms and integrated best practices
  • Improve operational excellence, productivity and customer experience
  • Provides real time visibility into the supply chain
  • Supply Chain Risk Resilience

Innokat’s Incident Management (IM) solution helps you manage your supply chain risks through:

  • Better ability to anticipate risk
  • Revenue protection by proactive risk management
  • Ability to take coordinated actions during a disaster situation
  • End-to-end supply chain visibility during business as usual situations
  • Supply Chain Opportunity Diagnostic (SCOD)

An end to end Supply chain data driven diagnostic framework and toolset developed to assess an organisation’s supply chain

  • Comprehensive set of best practices and benchmarks to assess potential opportunity areas across the domains of process, technology, people, strategy
  • Business case generator to develop financial case underpinning recommendations
  • Sales & Operations Planning Integrated Business Planning

Assess your current S&OP Process, benchmark it with industry best practices, and assist in the implementation of process and software from a range of partners, to deliver:

  • 4-5% increase in forecast accuracy
  • On hand inventory decrease of up 20%
  • Improved customer fill rates and customer satisfaction
  • Higher revenue by matching supply with demand