Value Chain Management

Organizations are increasingly aspiring to create disruptive business models which can result in both top-line & bottom-line gains. An organization’s Value Chain plays a key role in enabling this by being agile, flexible and responsive to customers. Despite the technological revolution in many companies demand & supply streams remain siloed making it extremely difficult to achieve true end-to-end collaboration. Organizing and integrating the end-to-end value chains from within and outside of an organization will become the norm as internet becomes globally pervasive.

The Integrated end-to-end Value Chain has the potential to dramatically reduce time-to-market to match the increasing expectations of customers and consumers. Integrated value chain brings a holistic and integrated approach from both inward focused supply chain and externally oriented customer relationship.

The Innokat Value Chain Management (VCM) consulting practice covers the entire lead-to-cash process including product life-cycle management, procurement, manufacturing, distribution, order management, service management and end-to-end customer relationship management.


The Innokat Value Chain Management practice has developed a series of market offerings and frameworks to help you address the fundamental challenges facing your product or service organization:

  • What products or services to offer
  • Which customers/markets to focus on
  • How to best deliver the target portfolio to the focus customers/markets
  • What capabilities (people, process, technology) need to be in place to enable the strategies

Our approach to a comprehensive value chain management strategy identifies how to maximize profitability and revenue growth within the constraints and opportunities of the enterprise.

Our consultants employ data driven, fact-based tools to help you identify root causes and put in place action-oriented plans to drive sustained change. Apart from their deep supply chain domain skills, our consultants are operationally focused – to drive the change not just by consulting but by bridging the gap between technology and business.

Our method leverages industry standards such (SCOR, APQC) and close collaboration with leading solution providers covering a range of approaches ranging from operational performance improvement consulting engagements to large technology transformations.

Some of the core VCM Market Solutions and Frameworks are listed below:

  • Procurement 360: A holistic methodology and frameworks to assess an organization’s procurement capabilities and opportunities
  • Supply Chain Segmentation: Developing a ‘fit to purpose’ supply chain strategies rather than a ‘one size’ fits all strategy to maximize return on availability
  • Supply Chain Risk And Resilience – Assessing, Establishing and helping run an organization’s Supply Chain risk capability
  • Supply Chain Complexity Management – Assess and understand the true cost of complexity and develop strategies to manage
  • Supply Chain Transformation using Theory Of Constraints (TOC)
  • Working Capital Optimisation through Demand Sensing: Advanced analytics to predict tomorrow’s demand today
  • Contact Center Transformation Assess, Design the Customer Contact Center and associated Customer Experience
  • Customer Experience – Assessing, Designing and Transforming the Customer Experience
  • Configure Price Quote (CPQ): Standardize & Streamline Front End Sales whilst optimizing Customer Experience and the integration with manufacturing

Our solutions are all designed to create and deliver real business benefits in an agile and flexible fashion, leveraging innovative technology, deep business understanding and our passion to meet your objectives.