IT Agility and Transformation

IT Agility and Transformation (ITAT) practice within Innokat Consulting Services (Innokat) – Process Excellence (PE), employs Innokat’s decades-long industry experience in serving customers to enable transformation of IT organization to deliver cost effective, timely and reliable services with consistent, predictable and agile operations and processes.


ITAT practice assists in transformation of IT organizations across all industries, all geographies and in both Build and Run areas of IT. We also have extensive Agile and Lean offerings.

  • Build:IT Cost Variabilization, Framework-based Consulting, Process & Tools Automation, Verification & Validation, IT Organization Design and application of lean in IT to address both ‘cost of change’ and ‘speed of change’
  • Run:IT Service Management, Service Integration & Management, Service Modeling, Service Introduction, IT Run Organization Design and application of lean to optimize run cost and predictable service delivery
  • Agile & Lean:Agile Advisory, Lean Advisory to address lean IT transformation, Lean & Agile Synergy to create effective IT factory

Our tried and tested D3V (Discover > Define > Deploy > Verify) approach helps assess your organization’s current state of maturity, define / refine customer-specific target operating model and processes taking into account the unique challenges that you have, implement it in a planned manner with least or no adverse impact to ‘Business As Usual’ (BAU) and make continuous improvements in a sustainable manner thereafter.

IT Cost Variabilization: This offering helps achieve agility and competitiveness with the help of Cost Variabilization while retaining the flexibility to deal with risk during volatile times and to break out of the bonds that fixed pricing creates.

Framework-based Consulting: Also known as Model-based Consulting, this is a proven approach to process improvement comprising services such as process assessment, definition, training, implementation and continuous improvement initiatives leveraging frameworks / models such as CMMI, ISO, ITIL, Automotive SPICE and TMM.

Service Integration & Management (SIAM): SIAM is a supplier and domain agnostic, scalable and end-to-end Service (AD, AM and IT Infra) Integration framework that addresses the key challenges associated with multi-sourcing or a fragmented organization. It acts as a cross functional layer between business and downstream suppliers providing governance and assurance services.

Service Modelling: ‘Tool agnostic’ and ‘process oriented’ end-to-end mapping of components in Business Layer (Services, Processes) and IT Layer (Applications and Infrastructure) and their ‘inter-relationships’ to establish the ‘Service centric – single and Authentic Source of Truth’ for an enterprise’s IT landscape. Service Modelling helps to establish end-to-end traceability, relationship and interdependencies of services, application, infrastructure components, maturing organization’s CMDB/CMS, define/establish BLAs of a service, reduce TCO and helps in IT Automation.

Service Introduction: It is critical to business that introduction of new services and changes to existing services are delivered and managed at the right cost and right quality with a minimal disruption to existing services or users.

Process & Tools Automation: Organizations with mature processes look for ways to increase productivity, improve quality and minimize costs due to manual errors and inefficiency through automation. Automation via a customized tools solution aligned to the process framework helps to achieve improved process adherence.

Verification & Validation: Our Verification and Validation (V&V) Advisory solutions help set up and sustain Testing Center of Excellence (TCOE) and address testing issues by employing an end-to-end testing lifecycle offering, which addresses process, people and tools challenges.

IT Organization Design: Organization Design is an important foundation for any growing company to realize their vision and build their operations on top of it with the attendant benefits of improvements brought in to their work allocation, coordination, and communication and supervision practices.

Agile Advisory: Innokat’s Global Agile Model for Enterprise (W-GAME) is a systemic and holistic model for Enterprise agility to ensure alignment in people, process, practices and tools utilizing multiple aspects of Lean and Agile approaches to creating a hybrid and custom-fit model that enables value for customers.

Lean Advisory: Innokat’s 4E model involves the application of Lean techniques within the IT enterprise that can help reduce variability, improve efficiency and throughput, align business and IT objectives, and improve quality.