Business Performance Management

The BPM practice delivers industry-specific solutions targeted for Financial Services, Energy & Utilities, Mining, Telecom Service Providers, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Retail sectors.

These solutions are underpinned by cross-industry services that focus on enterprise value blue-printing, operating model design, processes standardization / harmonization, end-to-end process simplification, customer and colleague experience and post M&A process integration.


The current macroeconomic environment puts conflicting pressure on global organizations to reduce costs and improve efficiencies while improving customer experience and satisfying increasingly demanding regulations at the same time.

Our Enterprise Value Blueprinting driven approach to ‘process simplification’ helps identify and focus attention on things that matter most to enterprises while maintaining the economic case for change.

  • Value Driver Based Strategy Alignment
    • Prepare Enterprise Value Pyramid based on business strategy and drivers to identify value enhancement streams
    • Identify key process areas to drive business value enhancement, define design principles and allocate KPIs
  • Quantitative Analysis Based Simplification
    • Identify target end state maturity for those processes and prioritize them based on impact and ‘do-ability’
    • Analyze process treatment and a well-defined pipeline to define desired speed for initiatives and accelerate operation excellence
  • Accelerated Initiative Execution
    • Build a foundation of business process architecture based on Rapid BPM Repository
    • Deliver accelerated business operational excellence initiatives leveraging Rapid BPM Toolkit

Business Operational Excellence Advisory: Enables you to achieve significant and measurable performance improvements by focusing on Improvement Levers that enhance Agility, Scalability, Speed to Market, Quality, Reliability, and Customer Value

Enterprise Value Management: An enterprise level approach that enables you define/refine, design, assure and monitor the desired value of business transformations across but not limited to dimensions like revenue growth, Financial Ratios, Productivity, Business Agility, Customer Experience, etc. across the transformation journey and post roll-outs

End-to-End Operations Simplifications: A broader simplification narrative, built on three key tenets of value delivery – Productivity Enhancement, Cultural Change and Financial Management that help a step change in OPEX behavior rather than point solutions. Simplification Framework helps to identify gaps or overlaps and helps focus on business areas that can drive maximum benefit.

It’s a simple method with immediate impact, targeted to drive ‘In Year’ benefits:

  • Quick– in days not months
  • High impact yet unobtrusive– we use existing data and ask simple questions
  • SWAT team– Small team not an army, years of domain experience
  • Technology agnostic– understanding before advocacy, problem before solution

Telecom Business Transformation: Based on an eTOM aligned process framework that effectively marries the Product Life Cycle and the Customer Life Cycle, this transformation advisory enables TSPs to significantly improve top line and bottom line performance by – improving customer experience, reducing time-to-market and enhancing process efficiency.

Geared to accelerate multi-operating company (OpCo) transformations, the framework devises a fool proof methodology to harmonize processes between subsidiaries while enabling alignment to industry standards.

The framework brings in pre-designed business scenarios which incubate best practices and utilize principles of Lean, Theory of Constraints and Six Sigma.