Finance Technology Transformation

With globalization and an increase in business velocity, finance functions must become more agile. Additionally, growth through acquisitions and decentralization, the impact of multi-channels, mobility and reduction in business cycles has increased the complexity of business.

There has also been a significant increase in instances of examination of large scale transformation initiatives as a means to rapidly drive significant cost reduction. In response, the structures, tools and technologies that support the finance function are changing.


Innokat’s Finance Technology Transformation Service is designed to ensure that the Finance functions of organizations respond to the crowded change agenda through:

  • Technology upgrades and implementations for speed and cost advantages
  • Standardized processes that are aligned to Finance systems
  • Centralized IT and lower impact of multiple channels and mobility
  • Improved data quality, concurrency and timeliness
  • Improved returns on IT investments and business performance
  • Managing the resource challenge

Innokat’s Finance Technology Transformation Service aims to deliver technology-enablement to Finance teams. We help you improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your Finance function, reduce costs of finance processing, and better support the changing needs of the business for finance to concentrate on higher value-added tasks.

Innokat’s Finance Technology Transformation service addresses a broad range of financial processes to include:

  • ERP and BPR Implementation
  • IT Shared Services
  • IT Cost Reduction
  • Process Optimization and Blueprinting
  • Financial Governance and PMO

Our large scale transformation of technology, applying best practices and leading financial solutions, deliver hard and soft benefits that include:

  • Reduced service complexity and improved services levels and service resilience
  • IT cost reduction (up to 50% potential savings)
  • Shared services cost reduction (up to 50% savings from waste reduction through consolidated assets and resources)
  • Reduced financial processing costs (over 50% reduction)
  • Reduction in FTE costs (10% reduction through relocation to low cost site)
  • Savings from labor and non-labor optimization (up to 30%)
  • Gains from economies of scale and asset rationalization (10%)
  • Faster turnaround of financial processes
  • Increased financial flexibility