Cyber Security

Cyber risk features among the top business risks for most organizations, requiring them to adapt to the ever evolving threat landscape proactively. Innokat’s cyber security consulting practice helps organizations assess their security posture and remediate potential cyber threats to protect their critical business assets with focus on building cyber resilience.


Innokat Cyber Security Consulting Services help organizations transform their security model from a reactive one to a more proactive, dynamic and risk-based cyber operating model.

Our services and solution frameworks help organizations:

  • Identify high-value business assets, estimate a client’s risk appetite and make decisions based upon risk exposure.
  • Assess cyber security maturity levels and quantify cyber risk in dollar terms
  • Identify security weaknesses, and design and implement a cyber-remediation program
  • Achieve an optimal cyber insurability profile
  • Develop and execute dynamic cyber security roadmaps
  • Deliver cyber security as a managed service

Our consultants have in-depth technical expertise in dealing with cyber threats and experience working with clients across industries globally, helping them address advanced cyber security challenges.

Our consulting and advisory offerings include:

Cyber Risk Assessment and Quantification

  • Risk-based identification and prioritization of critical business assets and processes
  • Cyber threat profiling for crown-jewel business assets
  • Assessment of cyber security maturity levels across key security domains with risk scoring that will aid in identification of key security gaps and needed action areas
  • Quantification of cyber risk for senior management which enables them to make informed cyber security decisions to accept, mitigate or transfer cyber risk

Cyber Risk Remediation and Transformation:

  • Transform client’s IT security program to focus on business continuity and protection of revenue
  • Identification of cyber remediation programs
  • Risk-based prioritization of programs and associated investments
  • Development of cyber security roadmap for achieving cyber resilience
  • Enabling implementation of next-gen cyber security solutions and technologies
  • Industry-specific cyber security transformations
  • Integration of cyber risk strategy during major business transformations or acquisitions